Ubersuave Eco-Razor 301B Rose Gold / Black Adjustable Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor


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The Ubersuave Eco-Razor 201B Matte Black Adjustable Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor is a classic with that certain something! In the truest sense of the word with a twist for the adjustable razor head. The razor is all metal - genuine brass frame with rose gold plating. The handle of this razor gives you the security and strength you need for a clean shave thanks to its box-shaped handle pattern and its weight. This razor offers you a premium sensation. Every stroke of this razor, when paired with the Derby Extra Razor blades, would result in an incredibly smooth shave. There are several settings for adjusting the blade angle with a dial at the bottom with settings from 1 - MAX, with 1 being the mildest and MAX the most aggressive. These customizable settings take into account personal preferences, differences in facial hair thickness, skin type, and level of experience. The Eco-Razor 201B weighs approx. 107g and is perfect for new and experienced wet shavers! We believe this razor can compete with anyone on the market when it comes to shaving closeness and convenience - even if it costs a lot more.

The ECO-Razor series has set itself the task of offering a "green" alternative to your shaving routine. It is more ECO-nomical and also more ECO-logical for the environment compared to cartridge razors and electric razors. The safety razor is an all-metal construction that is very durable and, with little maintenance, may last a lifetime. Although it could cost more upfront, refill blades are much cheaper and fully recyclable. When used correctly, these will prove to be the best way to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs due to their design and your ability to shave thoroughly.

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1 Jan 2022

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